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We are pleased to announce that the following new services have been added to the platform: –

  • Subscriber Automation System.
  • Message Delivery Status.
  • White labeled Reseller Interface.

Subscriber Automation System.

This new facility gives users the ability to send an SMS to people who have subscribed to a particular Keyword and Identifier combination en-masse without downloading numbers and subsequently uploading them again. You can use the Subscriber Automation System to keep your Customers up to date with information and services, such as, ‘Weather updates’ , ‘Train Delays’, ‘Special Offers’ or ‘Discount Codes’!

For example:
If you wanted to send an SMS Message to everyone who subscribed to your, “Weather” , “Update” or your “Train” , “Delays” service you would log into your Management Control Panel, click on Send SMS and then select “Weather” , “Updates” or “Train” , “Delays” from the drop menu.  A List of all the Mobile numbers that have subscribed to your Service will be listed, you simply give the campaign a Name, Type the Message you want to send and the message will be sent to all those people who have subscribed to those Services. The system also flags up mobile numbers that have multiple entries and you have the facility to delete them from the list, before the message is sent.

The Service has a new reporting facility which gives full details of every campaign and Keyword and Identifier combination you have sent outbound messages to. This  ensures those service areas responsible for a particular Keyword / Identifier combination can see a complete record of the messages sent and how much they are spending on the service.

Message Delivery Status.

This new facility tells our Clients the Delivery Status of the Outbound SMS Messages that they have sent. The information given includes:

  • Message Received by Recipient
  • Message Delivered to Gateway
  • Error Delivering Message

This Information helps our Clients keep track of the amount of messages that have been received by Handsets, those that have been delivered to the gateway, this is where mobile phones may be switched off or out of coverage area. And those messages that have the Error Delivering Message, this means that the mobile number may be wrong or the mobile phone cannot  receive messages at that time.

White labeled Reseller Interface.

The system now has a fully branded Reseller Interface.

Resellers simply rent Keywords from at a wholesale rate, they have no Annual Contract and are charged for on a monthly bases. Out bound message credits are purchased in advance and  the more credits the Reseller buys the lower the price is per credit.

Resellers simply sell the service to their customers, charging their own Set up charge, their own Monthly Keyword charge and their own Out Bound Message cost. Each Reseller has their own login to the Management Control Panel where they can see all their customers accounts as well as all the inbound and out bound messages sent by each of their customers.


Please contact the Team on 0121 288 8980 if you would like more information about becoming an Reseller.

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