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Please note: Inbound SMS on using the 60003 number is currently only available in the UK. If you have a requirement for Inbound sms in a different country please contact Customer Services. encourages people to ‘text’ you to receive information. Using keywords and identifiers your clients can text you from anywhere at anytime and you receive the message as an email allowing you to click a link and reply as a sms text message directly  to the senders mobile phone.

Inbound SMS gives you the ability to send automatic text back messages to your users who text your Keyword or Keyword and Identifier combination – ideal for immediate response.

For example: – If a school closes due to extreme weather conditions, the school could immediately set up a ‘textback’

  • Parents would text: – “school-name”
  • The automatic response could be: – “School-name is closed today due to poor weather conditions”

Inbound SMS can also be used by business to generate interest on adverts.

  • Text: ‘Offer’ to 60003 for more information

The system can also be used by Councils, Charities and Business for Voting.

  • Text: ‘Vote Paul’ to 60003 to Vote for Paul in the Election
  • Text: ‘Vote Sarah’ to 60003 to Vote for Sarah in the Election

By using a Keyword and an Identifier in the Text Message the Business can route the Message directly to the correct, person, department or Office who can deal with the Message

For example

  • Text: ‘Match Tickets’ to 60003 and someone from the Ticket office will contact you shortly.

This Message would be routed directly to the Person / Office e-mail address dealing with Match Tickets.


  • Text: ‘Match Advertising’ to 60003 and someone from the Press office will contact you shortly about advertising at the Match.

This message would be forwarded directly to the Person or departments e-mail address who was dealing with Advertising at the Match. accommodates multiple applications including: instant information, another line of internal communication, location
details, delivery times and dates, project development, advice, voting, competitions, job applications, sales enquiries, travel
information, incident management. – you name it there is an application for it…

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