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We are a Business Communications Company dedicated to offering the latest methods of communication, whether it is channelled using traditional Telecommunications or the latest new media methods of e-mail and SMS.

Effective communication solutions:

* E-Media Services
* Internet Marketing
* E-Mail Services
* Content Management
* SMS Services
* Telecommunications Service

Communicating using the innovative channels available

Our overall focus is to deliver a service driven by optimising all of the key channels available. Finding, talking and responding to customers is a fundamental objective for every business, the way we deliver our information is instrumental in the development of the transition of prospect to new customer.

Our first impression really does count. By optimising the technology available you can ensure your company can be:
* Immediately responsive
* Proactive in delivering your message
* One step ahead of your competitors
* Driven by your customers needs
* Seen to be forward thinking
* Image and brand conscious
* Easy to communicate and do business with

With such a large percentage of the population now owning a mobile phone SMS text messaging has quickly becoming the medium of choice, for business, councils, charities, schools indeed anyone who needs to communicate with the public.

The Interactive-sms.co.uk Platfrom gives Businesses, Charities and Council Departments an easy way to communicate with Customers and Consumers. Our standard rate, easy to remember 5-digit shortcode number 60003 and our Interactove-sms.co.uk software forwards messages directly to any e-mail address. Messages are directed to the correct department or individual’s e-mail address by using a, ‘Keyword’ and ‘Identifier’ combination which is added to the beginning of the message by the sender. Our Customers staff can then easily reply to messages by logging into the White Labeled Interactive-sms.co.uk Web Interface.

Our Customers have full control over their service their service by using their own Admin Username and Password they can add Users, send single and bulk sms messages, Send messages Via the HTTP interface, add contacts, add Identifiers, create campaigns, create sms content, view statistics and messages and extract the data captured, all from a simple, user friendly web interface. There is no need to purchase expensive software or licences.

Councils around the country have been utilising the Interactive-sms.co.uk platform to be more accessible to the public. Councils use our Platform to offer advice, legal advice, receive votes for youth parliament, internal communication, job applications, report incidents or complaints, to report failing streetlights holes in the road.

The Interactive-sms.co.uk platform allows our Customers to set up automated responses, so whenever an sms text message is received a message can be immediately sent back to the sender informing them their enquiry has been received and will be dealt with ASAP, this allows the sender to instantly feel that their enquiry was valid and acknowledged whether in normal working hours or not.

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