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SMS messaging is an extremely cost efficient way for customers to get in touch with you and also for you to keep in touch with them.

Messages go direct and arrive within seconds. With such a large percentage of the population owning a mobile phone SMS Text Messaging cannot be beaten as a method for communicating. Users can send messages anywhere, at home, on the train or even at work!

Whether you want to send 1 or 50,000 SMS messages, Interactive-SMS provides a range of SMS tools suitable for your requirement.


Specialised SMS services and Internet related SMS integration solutions providing Companies with the ability to:

* Send text messages from a simple Web Interface
* Receive message delivery notification
* Create interactive SMS campaigns
* and more…


Bulk SMS and Web Site enablement tools, which can be used to automate or send personalised text messages to your local, regional or global recipient base. The most popular Business SMS applications include SMS to E-Mail messaging, E-Mail to SMS Reply Service, mobile marketing, alerts, info-text, notifications and more.

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